Help Desk Live – Episode 36

The following was written by Bilal Afzal, a member of the video game group on the BHS Help Desk. This was his quick review of Mr. Noel Llopis’ video conference with us on April 7th. Check out the video if you didn’t get the chance to watch it live. Also, I should also apologize for mangling Mr. Llopis’ name (I should have asked for pronunciation at the beginning). Please visit his website at to learn more about him.

The video conference with the game developer and designer, Mr. Llopis, went very well. Personally I found his advice very beneficial in terms of both how to manage time as well as how to create our game better. Mr. Llopis provided the best answers to our questions as we needed some better understanding of what we needed to do in order to make the game better and more efficient. What I found very interesting was that how simple that he made his games, in terms of language and design, he also said that how if we wanted to be better we needed to be more organized in terms of communication with other group members. In the end I learned quite a bit and hopefully we can, as a game production company, use this information to make  a great game. – Bilal Afzal


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