Peace Day 2017 at BHS

The following was written by Help Desk student Jared Smith:

Burlington High School is one of the amazing schools in the area that celebrates National Peace Day! National Peace Day is September 21st of every year. Started by film maker/actor Jeremy Gilley, the Peace One Day organization is thriving. Celebrating the 15 year anniversary of being a recognized day, people all around the world are acknowledging the day. Mr. Parkin’s Period 7 International Studies class is full of student ambassadors working this week to educate the school on how to make peace. The students created a pledge banner for fellow BHS students to sign and leave their mark of peace while receiving a white ribbon to show their pride. Many students are wearing white today in observance of the day. The students and faculty of BHS are supporting the day in full force, and for that Mr. Parkin and his student give thanks.

The following is link to find more information on Peace Day and the Peace One Day Organization:

Thanks again to everybody who supported Peace Day 2017!

More pictures of Peace Day 2017 at BHS can be found here

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