MassCUE Grant (SOARing with Drones in Education)

I’m thrilled to announce that Burlington was recently selected for a MassCUE (Massachusetts Computer Using Educators) grant which we are using for drone projects in the district. The list of recipients can be found here. The theme of our grant is “SOARing with Drones in Education.” The SOAR model comes from an ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) publication called “Drones in Education: Let Your Students’ Imaginations Soar.” SOAR stands for Safety, Operation, Active Learning, and Research. You can also read more about this publication in this EdWeek blog post.

There are many opportunities for learning and collaboration with this project, and we are looking forward to working with the art, math, science, PE, BCAT and any other departments interested in seeing how drones can be used in their classrooms. We are grateful to MassCUE for selecting us, but I also must thank some other folks for sparking the Help Desk’s interest in learning more about drones. Eddie Reis whom some of you remember from his AR Sandbox work gave me a toy drone at the end of last year, and that made me decide to buy a DJI Mavic Pro and a Parrot Mambo for our class. Many thanks also to current student Mel Thibodeau (her blog can be found here) who went with me and a couple other students to the MassCUE Fall Conference and picked up a flyer with information on the grants. The entire Help Desk, various BHS faculty, IT staff, and our principal Mr. Sullivan also gave valuable input and support during the grant-writing process.

Please enjoy some footage we’ve taken this school year, as well as excerpts from our drone resources which will continue to grow. We’ll be putting up our own resources and tutorials as we learn how to SOAR with drones at Burlington High.

Drone Footage Compilation from Help Desk Student Shawn Scott:

Recent Winter Footage Compilation:



Beginner’s Guide to the Mavic Pro:

Active Learning:

Parrot Drone activities:

Coding with Tynker:

Coding with Swift:


Columbia University Article:

Science 2.0 review of a recent article on drones:




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