A brief MASSCue Reflection

BHS Help Desk Students at MASS Cue 2012

by: Hannah Lienhard

MassCUE was personally the first major conference I had been to. Not that it was particularly large, it was merely the first conference I had been to that was almost completely vendor oriented. At BPSCON 2012, we were gearing up for the coming school year by nipping off problems at the bud, where at MassCUE, we were expected to almost sell our concept of a help desk to a large group of teachers.

The idea behind a conference presentation in and of itself was simple enough – to tell a body of people your experience with this particular class, and share our opinion or two about being a student in a 1:1 learning environment. That said – no amount of facts will prepare you for the social interaction segment of an interactive presentation. It is one thing to know the facts as they are, and another to present them in an appealing way that reflects your opinion on the subject, while still remaining professional. To add to this, we chose an open forum, question and answer style of presentation, adding to the pressure of an accurate and informed response.

In general and despite the pressure it was an informative and, dare I say, fun experience. It was fascinating being in a community of educators who, for the most part, just want to enrich the lives and learning of their students.

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