Drone Tutorial/Video Series and MassCUE

Since we received the MassCUE grant to purchase drones last spring, we’ve been very busy learning about their capabilities and trying different things with coding, flying, and recording. We’ve made a series of videos on coding, safety, piloting, photo/video settings, and a creative Christmas tale on drones. We’ve also started working with classes like physics that are interested in seeing what they can do, and we have also recorded some sports practices as well as a halftime performance from the high school band. The MassCUE conference is tomorrow, and I’m proud to be bringing Dan Castellarin, Gati Aher, and Rishabh Prakash to represent the Help Desk at CUEKids. Below is our YouTube drone video playlist, and we look forward to showing these videos and demonstrating what we’ve been doing with this exciting project.


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