2018 Second Semester Blogs and Sites

Here are the second semester blogs and websites for my new students (with the exception of a couple we’ll be adding very soon). There’s a lot going on with the Help Desk with our drone grant and other things we’ve been working on and discussing in class. Many of these students may have additional class periods working with MITRE and we’re very excited to have them mentoring and collaborating with our students next month.

Gati Aher

Shirin Bakre

Lucas Bradley

Frankie Bonanno

Gabi Canales

Patrick Hayes

Alison Illidge

Marvin Jean Baptiste

Owen Johnson, Quinlan Hogan, Cohan Houniet

(Owen, Quinlan, and Cohan have a special interest in car technology and wanted to collaborate on a site devoted to that area)

Uzair Khalifa

Angie Melin

Kelsey Ravanis

Anthony Russo


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