2018 First Semester Blogs

We were delayed in getting our blogs developed for a variety of technical and other reasons. A few of these are a work in progress, but I didn’t want to delay any longer to show everyone what we’ve been working. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Gati Aher

Emerson Armas

Nick Buongiorno

Joey Bonanno

Lucas Bradley

Dan Castellarin

Ronin D’Auria

Dan Downie

Ben Fauller

Scott Fraser

Sean Gedick

Robby Griffin

Matt Harrigan

Patrick Hayes

Jordan Kimathi

Moses Kisakye

Nora Markarian

Gage Melberg

Justin Miksenas

Rishabh Prakash

Conor Quinlan

Justin Rodrigues

Robert Smith

Scott Stack

Anthony Vallerand

Joe Viscione

Paul Wahba

Cam Wheelock





2 thoughts on “2018 First Semester Blogs

  1. Hello, I started a Student Help Desk here in Bronxville (year 4!) and yours was part of our inspiration to get up and running. I’d love to coordinate a time where our students could chat over Hangouts regarding their work in schools?

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