Meet the 2018-2019 Second Semester Staff!

We definitely hit the ground running for the second semester, and I’m pleased to present the new folks who are working with the Help Desk. I’m also glad to have many students coming back for a second stint, and we’ll be working on many exciting things including video game and AR/VR development, and we’ll continue to do important work with our drone project. This group’s talents include art, athletics, music, and technology, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll produce this semester. As usual, we also look forward to working with any staff and students at BHS who need technical and instructional assistance of any kind. We’ll be reporting soon on our endeavors soon when blogs are published in the next week or two.

Christian Boyadjiev

Christian B

I am interested in all kinds of technology including video games, VR, and coding. I am interested in video games because I had a Wii as a kid, which I used all the time. Now I have a PS4 and I play all kinds of games on it. I really like VR because I have a google pixel phone and I got the google daydream that works with my phone, so I am interested in it. I decided to join Help Desk because I have only heard good things about it and I am interested to see new technology that I have not yet been introduced to. In college, I plan to major in computer science. I have been pretty intrigued by computer science from the classes that I took in high school. The last coding class I took was the AP java class from last year. Some interesting things about me are that I run indoor track and outdoor track. I also did soccer from my freshman to my junior year and this year I did cross country instead of soccer for a fall sport.

Mark Buchanan

Mark B

Hello, my name is Mark Buchanan. I am currently a senior at BHS. At BHS, I am the Vice President of the chess club, a tutor at the Writing Center, and a former writer for Collab my junior year. I decided to join Help Desk because I think learning to code and use technology more effectively will be, if not already are, paramount skills to learn in the digital age we live in. In regards to technology, I am very interested in the future impact that artificial intelligence will have on our lives and smartphones. Things that I am interested in outside of technology include reading and writing, politics, art, and music. For my plans after high school, I intend to go to a 4-year college and major in either Political Science or Law.

Rob Castelluccio

Rob CastelluccioI’m Rob Castelluccio, I’m a senior and this is my second year in help desk. I decided to take help desk because I took it last year and it really helped me get a basic understanding of new technology that I wasn’t familiar with previously, I wanted to learn more about new technology that’s being used and more about drones because I find them interesting. I also like to help solve problems and work with hands-on activities. Technology is being used everywhere nowadays and I want to have a better understanding of how it works. My career interests for the future is to pursue trades and go into the electrician trade. I play basketball and soccer and like to play video games, my favorite game is 2k on the PS4.

Tyler Chaires

Tyler CMy name is Tyler Chaires. I am a senior here at Burlington High School. I have always had an interest in technology and thought that since technology is easy for me to learn, I would work hard to help with issues with technology this semester. I am really interested in sports and esports. My hobbies include playing Xbox with friends and watching YouTube or staying home with the family to watch the Patriots game and maybe play a pickup game of basketball with friends. I decided to be in the Help Desk because I used to have a lot of problems with my iPad and want to help through their problems with tech because of that.

Nick Connolly

Nick CHi, my name is Nicholas Connolly and I’ve wanted to design video games since I was a kid. I started my programming journey pretty early in my life starting with a summer class that taught me how to use Scratch. After that, I found many different programs and games that helped me learn code, like RPG Maker MV and GameMaker Studio I and II. When I reached High School, I decided to take Intro into Computer Science, Intro to Programming, and AP Computer Science A (Java) to further my knowledge of the subject of code. Although my main passion is to learn programming, I have many other passions as well, such as writing stories and poetry, drawing and creating worlds and characters, music making, and even film and acting. Having a huge imagination has helped keep these passions alive and often work in tandem with each other to help create some interesting results. Being able to code and write are pretty huge steps on my journey to becoming a game developer, having experience with art and music only furthers that process even more. Hopefully one day I can get my stories and games out to the world!

Josh Coughlin

JoshMy name is Josh Coughlin, and I’m a senior at Burlington High School. I decided to take Help Desk to learn more about technology in general, especially about drones. I feel this is especially important given the direction our society is moving towards, with technology taking an increasingly large role in our lives. My interests include exploring new places/traveling, some gaming, politics, and video production. I’m also looking to expand my interests more. I am hoping for a career in either law enforcement or business. One interesting thing about me is that I’m the first person in my family with red hair in over one hundred and ten years.


Ryan Culhane

Ryan C

Hey, my name is Ryan Culhane and I’m a senior at Burlington High School. While attending this school for the last 4 years  I have participated in football, basketball, and lacrosse at the varsity level and excelled in all three at a high level. I like to play video games as well and used to play the game call of duty at a high level, especially in Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2. I enjoy playing the games Fortnite and Apex as of right now. I decided to join Help Desk because my friends told me it’s an interesting class and there is a lot of different projects and activities to do. I’m looking to go into college and study criminal justice but I’m still looking into different options as well. I’m very excited to be part of Help Desk this year, hoping to help many students and work on cool projects.  

Tyler Defreitas

Tyler D

I’m new on Help Desk Desk fixing technology and repairing parts. Technology is something I’m always interested in. I think that Help Desk is going to be a cool thing so I can learn more about technology and how everything works together to make it work and run well. The technology I’m mostly interested in is cars, how they are put together, and how cars can send signals that will tell the driver that something needs to be fixed. I’m not that good with fixing technology; I’m more of a builder, so construction is something I have also been interested in for a while. A lot of technology goes in building a house and design.


Jake Doyle

Jake D

My name is Jake Doyle and I am a senior at Burlington High School. My main interests in life really just sports and video games. My favorite sport is baseball because I’ve been playing ever since I was a little kid and have never stopped enjoying playing the game. The reason that I joined Help Desk is because I am interested in the drones. I think that the drones are very cool and can be a blast to fly around. I don’t really know what I want to do as a career yet but I hope to find out over the next few years throughout college. I plan on attending either Framingham State or Merrimack next year. I am really excited to meet new friends and to expand my education next year at college.


Victoria Gerbrands

Victoria GHi, my name is Victoria Gerbrands. I am currently a senior at Burlington High School and this is my first time taking this class. I am interested in learning about the technical aspects of computers and phones and how it is incorporated in almost everyone’s daily lives today. Technology is only becoming a bigger part of our lives and it will be helpful learning more about what goes on. I will be going to college next year and will be majoring in Business and hope to have my minor as computer science or computer engineering. I like to spend my spare time with my friends and family.


Orion Golden

Orion GHi. I’m Orion. I’m a freshman, and thought this course would be interesting. I personally thought it would be good to be able to help others with their problems, possibly learn a lot more about technology, and so far it seems to be just what I was looking for. Some of the things they go over or help kids in the class are personally quite interesting. Stuff like the Unity engine, or some of the more minute details when it comes to stuff like fixing computers. These skills in particular could even possibly help me work with technology better in the future to an extent that I would really understand otherwise.


Hannah MacNeill

Hannah MMy name is Hannah MacNeil and I am currently a senior at Burlington High school. My interests include softball, singing, songwriting and music production. I previously played third base and outfield in softball. Currently, I am on the yearbook committee, in the Burlington High school production, Mamma Mia, and I am also a soprano in the Chamber Choir, for select students who sing with an amazing array of skills.  I am recording my own music, performing at coffee shops and restaurants as well as enjoy playing the guitar. I joined Help Desk because I want to learn the technology behind music production and become more knowledgeable, with using certain software that helps me increase my songwriting skills and music production in college. In addition, I want to return the favor by helping those who need assistance with their technology, as I, myself, had previously needed in the past.

Patrick Miniutii

Patrick MMy name is Patrick Miniutti. I am a senior at Burlington High School. Currently, I am very interested in the technological field of study and intend to go to college for this field. I like video games and often find myself very excited to see the newest, cutting-edge technology. I decided to join Help Desk because I thought it would help continue my love for technology and also possibly help me get an internship for the last quarter of my senior year. When it comes to my career, I find myself leaning towards an interest in computer hardware engineering or robotics. I want to go into a career that I have a genuine interest in, and where I can provide work for a company that I genuinely enjoy and can be excited about. Other interesting things about me are that I was apart of the varsity gymnastics team throughout my high school career and that I love building things and being very hands-on.

Sophie Mitchell

Sophie MHello, my name is Sophie Mitchell. I am a senior at Burlington High School. I play varsity volleyball here at BHS, I also play club volleyball. I am a swim instructor at Goldfish Swim School in Burlington. My favorite color is red. I joined Help Desk because I found the drones interesting.


Ishmael Stein Norelus

IshmaelHello, my name is Ishmael Norelus and the reason I’m in Help Desk its because I want to learn and accomplish new things. My hobbies are playing basketball, playing the piano, hanging with my friends. Also, I am very skilled at these games: Black Ops 3, Fortnite, NBA2K and Grand Theft Auto. By the way, about Grand Theft Auto, I have a modded account level 4000. My future goal for me is to graduate school so I can get to a college for basketball because I want to make the NBA when I get older. Also, I want to keep my grades up in school.


Efthymios Papachristos

EfthymiHello, I am Efthymios Papachristos but people call me Efthymi. I was born at Lowell General Hospital. I grew up in Billerica for 3 years until moving to Burlington. I grew up learning to speak Greek only, I eventually had to learn how to speak English when I moved here to Burlington for school. I have two younger brothers named George and Yianni. My entire family is Greek, we have barbecues every Greek Independence Day in which I enjoy a lot. I also enjoy listening to music and playing video games. I have fun when I’m going skating and playing hockey with friends and cousins in the winter. I also enjoy going biking and just being outdoors. I am currently a freshman here at Burlington High School. I enjoy learning about technology and all the different kinds of things you can do or create. I chose Help Desk because I wanted to learn more about it and how it works. I also enjoy learning new ways to solve computer-based problems.


Jillian Peluso

Jill PI joined the Help Desk as a freshman with Ms. Scheffer and enjoyed the technology-based discussions and activities. I decided to join again as a senior to experience once more all it had to offer under new management. I have been enjoying all the new technology Help Desk now has to offer.  I would describe myself as a caring person who thinks about other people first. I am a very meticulous person in general; if you are going to do something then why not do it the right way, which is working smarter, not harder. I love trying new things and I love to discover new places and people from all different walks of life. It is so important to know that there is something to be learned from everyone, whether something good to take away or something bad to try and avoid learning the hard way. I have always enjoyed helping others, I discovered this in the third grade where I would donate my recesses to be with the children in the LABB program. I did this every day for three years and I really grew attached to them. I also grew a liking to being a caregiver as I learned more about what it meant to be a full-time nurse. This and my love of trying new things is what guides me to want to be a traveling nurse. I would absolutely love to travel the world to experience new cultures and ways of life but while also getting paid to help people. In the next year and a half, I hope to be in college going to get my nursing degree.

John Pestana

John PMy name is John Pestana. I am a senior here at BHS. I am easy to talk to and have a great sense of humor and I will help as much as I can with any Help Desk questions anyone may have. I play and have played sports here at BHS so I can relate to any sports-related things. If there is anything you should know about me, it is that I like video games and I ride a Harley- Davidson motorcycle. I love riding my motorcycle. Some info on me is that I want to go to college for graphic design and have been accepted into Salem State University. I look forward to helping anyone with their questions.



Juan Sambrano

Juan SHola, mi nombre es Juan Estuardo Pacheco Sambrano; es un gusto formar  parte de la Mesa de Ayuda. La cual por lo que quiero estar en la Mesa de Ayuda es porque me gusta la tecnologia y me encanta descubrir nuevos conocimientos sobre lo que es la tecnología.

Yo se algunos programas que he utilizados en la tecnología por ejemplo: los differences Microsoft’s y otros aplicaciones. Estas son las pocas cosas que he aprendido, Pero yo quiero descubrir mas mis habilidades sobre la tecnología. Gracias por todo. Esto son las pequeñas detalles sobre mi conocimiento en la tecnología.

Hi, my name is Juan Estuardo Pacheco Sambrano; It is a pleasure to be part of the Help Desk. Which is why I want to be in the Help Desk because I like technology and I love discovering new knowledge about what technology is. I know some programs that I have used in technology for example: Microsoft’s differences and other applications. These are the few things I have learned, but I want to discover more my skills about technology.
Thanks for everything. These are the small details about my knowledge in technology.

Matthew Tyman

MattHi, I’m Matt Tyman and I am a senior here at Burlington High School. I currently play on the hockey and baseball team at the school, and I am a captain on the hockey team. In the fall I will be attending Stonehill College to continue my academics and also play baseball there. I have always been interested in technology, but I did not know too much about it. I decided to take Help Desk this semester mainly because I know it is centered around technology and I feel like I can take a lot from it. Also, I took this class because I have heard some of the things we do in here from some of my other friends that have taken this class and they all sound really fun and interesting to try for myself. In college, I would like to study business, but I feel like it is necessary for everyone to know about technology in today’s society. Even the business industry is centered around technology with marketing in places like social media and other websites, so possibly as a marketer I would have to know the in’s and out’s of various social media platforms in order to succeed at my job. I am also interested in Graphic Design which is a computer-centered course, so I do know my way around the Adobe programs fairly well. Finally, I hope to take what I have learned in this class this semester and use this knowledge for the rest of my life because technology is ever-changing with society, and it is only going to grow more popular in the workplace.

Nadia Zaganjori

Nadia ZHi there! My name is Nadia Zaganjori and I am currently a senior at BHS. I joined the Help Desk with the hopes of enhancing my knowledge with technology, as well as helping out my community at BHS. When I am not at the Help Desk you can typically find me singing with the Chamber Choir, drawing, or living it up at the local Shaws. When it comes to most technology, my expertise tends to be limited, however, I am very eager to learn more from Mr. Wong and my peers this semester.





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