Meet the 2019-20 Second Semester Staff!

I’m pleased to announce that we have a new group of Help Desk students for the second semester. They bring a variety of talents which I’m looking forward to seeing. There are many students from the first semester who will be continuing and helping the new folks learn the ropes. The second semester is always a challenge because many students are seniors who will be starting their fourth-quarter senior internships, but we’re hoping to do some great things in the short time we have.

1st Period

Adrian Celik

Adrian Celik.png

I’m Adrian Celik, I’m a junior at Burlington High School and this is my first semester doing Help Desk. Freshman year I played soccer and haven’t done any sports since I love working with computers, browsing the web, and watching YouTube videos. I play video games on my Xbox One X; my favorite game to play is GTA V. I work as a barista at Starbucks. I joined Help Desk to try and educate myself with coding and technology more.

Jack Garrity

Jack Garrity.jpg

My name is Jack Garrity and I am a senior at Burlington High school. My interests have to mainly do with extracurricular activities such as sports. Throughout high school, I have taken part in three sports, golf, hockey and lacrosse. For golf, I made the varsity team my freshman year and by the end of my senior year, I became a senior captain and made my way to the top of the lineup. The story for hockey is a little different. Making the varsity hockey team was my biggest goal for high school and it never happened after I was cut my junior year. Although this wasn’t something that I wanted to happen, it led me to become more outgoing and prepare for lacrosse. My sophomore year I made the varsity lacrosse team and have become better each year I have been on the team. Other than sports, technology is something that I have always been interested in. I chose to take Help Desk so that I would be able to expand my knowledge with the new and more advanced technology that has come out today. For the future, I am hoping that I will be able to pursue a career in marketing which is a job type that my family has always been involved with and I would love to continue on and learn more about this great industry. Some interesting facts about me are that I am an only child and have an all nut-based allergy. 

Michael Graham 
Michael Graham - print

Hi, my name is Michael Graham and I am a new student to Help Desk this semester. I am a senior here at Burlington High School and I really love looking into mechanical technology. I believe that I have a really curious mind and I love how things work in technology. I’ve always wanted to learn more about how technology works and how you can build it up and make it into systems for example.  I decided to join the help desk because I heard about it from several of my friends telling me it is a stress-free fun class to come take and learn new valuable information I am currently trying to major in a life science in college. I want to know how the world processes work and it just really interests me. I’m a three-year varsity hockey player and my favorite hobby is going to work and making money. I’m happy to be a part of the new Help Desk community and I can’t wait to see what I might learn.

Nick Ponzini

Nick Ponzini

My name is Nick Ponzini, and I am a senior in BHS. In today’s technology, I am interested in how advancements in technology can even get better. It seems like technology is at its peak right now. I can imagine what more this is to add in today’s world. I have been interested in the laws of technology, especially in Teslas. How the responsibility is taken from Tesla and into the driver’s hands even if they aren’t driving. I decided to join the help desk because I felt that it would be good to learn more about technology before going to college. My personal plans and career interests for the future are to be a personal trainer or phys-ed teacher. I will be going to school to major in exercise science with a concentration in physical education. Lastly, about myself, I have played sports here at BHS since freshman year. Baseball, basketball, and working out have been my passions in this school. This is my senior year and I am going to states for DECA, (the business club in school).  I am excited to finish my year off and prepare for summer and then college. I still don’t know where I am going to go yet, but it’s a decision I will be making soon.

Ana Torres

Heya! I’m Ana Torres and I’m both new to both BHS and the BHS Student Help Desk! Currently, I am a senior and will be graduating in 2020. My interests include but aren’t limited to horror, horror movies (body horror, psychological, thriller, you name it), listening and headbanging to heavy metal, reading and writing horror stories, long walks in the park, video games and drawing horror art (concept art, sketches, etc). I decided to join the Help Desk because I’d like to become more aware of how modern technology works, as well as how it incorporates into people’s everyday lives. When I graduate, I would like to enroll in MassArt, for 2D and Animation as my major! I’m a pretty easy-going and chill person to be around, ironic being all of my interests make it seem like the complete opposite. Feel free to come by if you need my help, or a band/song recommendation! I’ll be more than happy to help you out with either scenario! One fun fact is that I am currently working on my 1st horror/fantasy novel which I plan to adapt into a television series in the future after college. 

2nd Period

Zack Aloisi 

Zach Aloisi

My name is Zachary Aloisi and I am in 9th grade. I like technology because I think it is interesting and fun. I joined Help Desk because I use technology almost every day of my life so I would like to know more about it. Technology to me is a new world and a way to get out of the real world. I play a lot of video games mainly Fortnite and Madden 20. In the future, I want to be a gamer or a streamer because I think it is fun and somewhat easier than other jobs. Also, it could make a good amount of money


David Centoni 

David Centoni - print.jpg

I’m David Centoni, a senior at Burlington High School. This is my first year in Help Desk. I decided to take the help desk because I enjoy technology a lot, I’m likely going into a technology-driven field and I want to find more efficient and fun uses for it. I already play a lot of video games on my computer where I spend most of my time. I play a variety of video games ranging from shooters to party games with my friends. I also am an athlete on the track team at BHS and I’ve been doing it since sophomore year. I also did cross country for the first time this year and that was the best decision I have made so far in senior year. My events for track and field include the mile and other distance events like the 800 in spring or the 600 in winter. My career interests include pursuing a communications degree with a specialty in film. I want to create movies with the best technology out there. I want to become an amazing filmmaker and editor and I hope to use skills I learn in Help Desk to reach my goals for myself. I also love to travel and intend to travel a lot when I’m older.

Richard Cromwell

Richard Cromwell

Hello, my name is Richard Cromwell.  I am a junior in the class of 2021. This is my first semester of Help Desk.  My interests are playing video games, running track, and listening to music. I decided to join Help Desk because it was recommended to me by my friends and because I like to use electronics.  I don’t have any career interests and I don’t know what to be when I grow up and I am considering anything. I am also very interested in track and I am a varsity runner. The video games I play are Halo, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and I play many other games.  The reason I want to join Help Desk is because I want to help people and I want to learn more about the electronics. My favorite animals are dogs and my family owns three yellow labs, but when I grow up I am going to get an Irish Wolf Hound.  

Ryan Gedick

Ryan Gedick.jpg

Hi, My name is Ryan Gedick, and I am a freshman here at BHS. The reason I joined the Help Desk was to learn how technology can be integrated into sports like hockey. I have played hockey for 10 years and I have only recently discovered the technology that goes into designing and making hockey sticks. A job that I am currently interested in is designing and making hockey sticks for a company called Bauer. The hockey stick I currently am using is very technologically advanced in its field. Another reason I decided to join the help desk was so I could figure out what makes certain electronic devices work and function as they do. My goals by the end of high school are to be able to fully disassemble and reassemble a gaming PC. I plan to do this on my own at home. Also, I hope to learn java-script, a type of code. Another one of my interests is gaming. I used to play in tournaments and I won over 100 dollars in gift cards doing it. Some games that I play are Rainbow Six Siege, Star Wars – Jedi Fallen Order, and NHL 20. Thank you for reading my bio.

Drew Roper

Drew Roper-print

My name is Drew Roper I am a senior this year. I am interested in how I can use technology to make my life better or easier and how it physically works. I decided to join the help desk because my friends told me it was a fun and interesting class. Next year I’ll be going to Middlesex Community College; I’m not sure what I want to study there. I like to drive my car, play video games, and spend time with my friends. 


Tyler Defreitas

Tyler Defreitas.jpg

I’m on Help Desk and  I’m new at fixing technology and repairing parts. T technology is something I’m always interested in. I think that Help Desk is going to be a cool thing so I can learn more about technology and how everything works together to make it work and run well. 

The technology I’m mostly interested in is cars, including how they are put together and how cars can send signals that will tell the driver that something needs to be fixed. I’m not that good with fixing technology; I’m more of a builder, so construction is something I have also been interested in for a while. A lot of technology goes in building a house and design.


3rd Period

Levi Josue Gonzalez Chavajay 

Levi Gonzalez Chavajay.jpg

I’m a junior at Burlington High school. I decided to take Help Desk to learn more about technology in general, especially about drones. I like to learn about technology because I also want to learn how to design houses and I know that in order to design a house you need a lot of technology.

I’m very excited to be part of Help Desk this year, hoping to help many students and work on cool projects. 


Jack Laverty

Jack Laverty

I am very interested in many aspects of technology. I am mainly interested in building drones. I have always been fascinated with things that fly and technology. I started off with the Wii and several forms of the DS. The first time I used a drone was several years back at my friend’s house. Instantly I had a fascination for it. I used drones any chance I could get. I am currently working on a project to build one. My goal for the future is to build one that can go from land to air to water. I decided to join Help Desk because I want to learn more about drones and also broaden my scope. In college, I want to major in either computer science or electrical engineering. A couple things about myself are that I play tennis and soccer, and I wrestle. I also like long walks on the beach. 

Avnish Rembhotkar 

Avnish Rembhotkar

Hello, my name is Avnish Rembhotkar and I am a junior at Burlington High School. I am a three-year varsity athlete on the swim team and a state and national level competitor. I love swimming, but the technology is also a really strong interest in mine. I love looking and researching computer components such as processors and graphics cards, but also love AR and VR games and activities. On the video game side, I really like playing GTA with mods and also Although almost 5 years old, is a vehicle game that incorporates physics and mechanics almost like real life. I decided to join Help Desk because I want to learn more about technology whether it be with the WiFi, computers, games or anything. I am willing to try anything out and also love helping people out if they need it. In the future, I am interested in becoming an Aerospace or Mechanical Engineer. I love the idea around space and the physics that is incorporated in it, so working at SpaceX or Boeing would be really cool. Another interesting thing about myself is that I want to design and build a rover over the summer so that I can test out its mechanical features.

Simran Singh 

Simran Singh.png

Hi, my name is Simran Singh. I’m a freshman (Class of 2023). I’m interested in drones and technologies. The reason I wanted to join the help desk so I can learn more facts about technologies. I want to learn how to create games. My favorite game is ROBLOX and I like to play soccer. I am a fan of Star Wars and my favorite episode is The Revenge Of The Sith. One thing I’m good at is drawing. 


Dawson Coombs 

Dawson Coombs.jpg

Hello, my name is Dawson Coombs. I am a senior at BHS and I have been in Help Desk 3 times before. I first started Help Desk when I first moved here and thought that I would enjoy the class because of the use of technology. I have been into technology since I was a kid, which is one of the reasons I enjoy the class. Some of my other interests are working out, hanging with my friends and watching sports. For sports, my favorite one to watch is football. I have been an LA Rams fan forever and they are my favorite team to watch. Unlike most people in MA I hate the Patriots and will never ever root for them. For every other major sport, I am a fan of the Boston teams. I also enjoy listening to and playing music. For my future, I hope to work for either an electrical or plumbing company over the summer and begin to learn the trade. My goal is to one day own my own company and to continue learning music. Hopefully, I can have enough time when I’m older to improve and work on music while working and making bank as a plumber. 


4th Period

Finn Gunther 

Finn Gunther

My name is Finn Gunther and I am a junior. I am interested in many parts of technology, I like computers, drones, video games, coding, and programming. I’ve been playing video games for a while, I started out getting a Wii and playing LEGO games and I’ve now upgraded to an Xbox and my own personal pc that I built. I gained interest in computers when I built my own; since then I’ve gained a larger interest and knowledge about how computers work and their parts. I got into coding and programming because of my computer science electives that I took this year and last year, I’ve learned C++, python and block coding so far. I got a simple drone for Christmas while in middle school and I’ve been interested in them ever since. I decided to join Help Desk because it was one of the computer science classes that had interested me since sophomore year. I don’t have a set career interest now but I have an interest in going into the photography field or going into the computer science field. Some other interesting things about me is that I am on both the varsity soccer and swim team for BHS and I play the guitar.

Tyler Flaherty 

Tyler Flaherty - print.jpg

Hello my name is Tyler Flaherty and I am a senior at Burlington High School. My interest are mostly sports and video games. I decided to join Help Desk because I felt I could learn a lot about technology. As of right now, I am not to sure what I want to do for a career. 


Joey Nee 

Joey Nee.jpg

I’m Joey Nee, and I’m a junior here at Burlington High School. I’m interested in how certain things are able to be created using technology, those certain things consisting of music and animation. I often watch football as a hobby, I’ve been interested in the sport for as long as I can remember. I decided to join the Help Desk because I figured that I would be able to learn a thing or two about technology and how certain things are done. As for a career, I have not been able to fully put my finger on exactly what it is that I want to do. I’ve always had a love for technology, even when I was a lot younger. My older brother always introduced me to movies, games, etc. Every teenager has played a video game, so I obviously have as well. One thing that has always piqued my interest is how animation has become what it is today. Movies that use CGI always impress me because of how long it really must take to animate something that seems to be so life-like. It amazes me that people have really been able to learn how to do certain amazing things with tech, even the invention of the cell phone intrigues me. 


6th Period

Karlos Dowdye

Hello, my name is Karlos Dowdye. I’m a junior at BHS and my interest consists of technology, sports, comedy and getting money. I decided to join helpdesk because I’m really educated about technology and I enjoy using it; I could probably teach you a thing or two this year. Some interesting things about me are that I’m into music. I make music, I know how to edit videos on software such as Sony Vegas Pro, I know how to produce vocals on FL Fruity Loops. I also know how to edit pictures in Adobe Photoshop.

Max Lechner

Max Lechner.jpg

I decided to join Help Desk because I have an interest in technology and science. I know that a big part of the world today has a lot to do with computer science and technology so I think that it is important to have a good understanding about it. Also, I hope that in my future I can do something related to technology. My career interests are engineering and computer science. Other Interesting things about me are that I am 16 years old, both of my parents were born in Argentina, and I speak English and Spanish. I play soccer, and am part of the swim and track team.

Ava Petrone

Ava Petrone - print.png

Hi, my name is Ava Petrone. I am currently a junior at Burlington High School, and this is my first time being enrolled in Help Desk. I am interested in learning about the different technical aspects that make people so involved in their phones and computers every day. I decided to join Help Desk to learn how to be an aide to other students that may need it when they are having technical issues. Some of my interests include lacrosse and hockey. 

Colby Pigott

Colby Pigott

My interests are finding out different stuff about fixing simple errors on computers and iPads. I decided to join Help Desk to figure out how to fix problems with devices so I know how to do it and can help others who don’t know how to. 



Khris Poirier 

Kristopher Poirier.jpg

I have been interested in designing things and learning all my life, taking different paths of engineering, programming, drawing, and composing. These are things that I often enjoy doing in my free time as well as in class activities. I joined Technology Club because I wanted to create things with my ambition and skill being the only limit within the prompts given to me, and the class seemed to offer that kind of freedom. I also wished to take part in creative and technology-related projects. I have also been to Technology Club a few times and saw that the community and Mr. Wong’s teaching were interesting, even though time after school didn’t fit my schedule well. I intend to go into the engineering field to design different machines and mechanics for a living when I graduate and make enough money to support weird hobbies like pyrotechnics. Some more tame things that I enjoy are writing stories about science fiction settings, playing video games of different varieties, and making a good dish of teriyaki. 

Joe Trabucco 

Joe Trabucco.jpgHi, my name is Joe Trabucco and I am currently a junior at Burlington High school. My interests include hockey, playing Xbox, and hanging out with my friends in my spare time. I decided to join Help Desk to learn more about the technology i have yet to be introduced to. I plan to go to college for business and I feel that taking this class will help me flourish in those areas. 




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