Student Experiences During the Closure

Our school year and just about everyone else’s has been sadly cut short due to the pandemic. This is an unprecedented event in our lifetimes which has been disruptive to all aspects of life, but we are all trying our best to navigate in this new reality. We hope everyone is doing as well as they can during this difficult time. Some of us work remotely while some of us and our loved ones are on the front lines doing essential functions in health care, food service, factories, stores, driving, and countless other ways for which we are all thankful. Those of us in schools have missed seeing fellow students and coworkers, but we are working hard with distance learning which is new for many of us. I want to thank our supportive administration and my fellow educators in Burlington and throughout the world for their hard work. Last week, I gave Help Desk students an opportunity to reflect on their experiences so far since the school closure, and this a sampling of what some of them have been experiencing. I thank them sincerely for sharing their thoughts during this complicated time, and I hope everyone stays well and we will be able to see each other in real life and not just virtually in the near future.

Note: you may need to scroll down to read the latest reflection. Please also understand that a few sites are a work in progress.

Robert (Bobby) Aloisi –

David Centoni –

Richard Cromwell –

Paul D’Eramo –

Shae Gallagher –

Finn Gunther –

Kenny Kilfoyle –

Jack Laverty –

Sam Norman –

Niko Perfetti –

Ava Petrone –

Matt Pinkham –

Nicholas Ponzini –

Avnish Rembhotakar –

Nick Reyes –

Shawn Scott –

Ana Torres –

Joe Trabucco –

Joe Vigliotta –

Kevin Weng –


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