Meet the 2021-22 First Semester Staff!

After a very challenging 2020-21 school year, I am pleased to announce that we are back full-time and in-person at Burlington High School and the BHS Help Desk. While the year will still present challenges due to the ongoing pandemic, it is good to all be back together. In the first few weeks of school, I think we’ve been able to accomplish a lot, and we have an outstanding group of returning and new students to the Help Desk. I’m very excited to see what these students will do and we are looking forward to a great year!

Sergio “Frank” Ajcac

My name is Frank Ajcac and I am a senior at BHS. My biggest hobbies are playing soccer, video games and cooking. My interests would be how to create new things and fly things without a control remote. I’m interested in creating new fields for FIFA 22. 

Robert Anastasiades

My name is Robert Anastasiades but everyone calls me Bobby. I am currently a senior here at Burlington High School. I am interested in technology because as we all know, technology is everywhere and constantly developing and becoming more and more a part of our lives. I also am using computers, phones, etc. constantly. I decided to join the Help Desk because I want to learn more about fixing technological problems within our school and also I want to help people out. I have a couple career interests in mind for after high school. I am mostly interested in becoming an electrician. I have done low voltage electrical with my dad (Voice/Data) installs and I really enjoyed the work. It was fun and enjoyable seeing all the wiring to computers and phones work properly. Another career interest I have is diesel technology. I am interested in diesel technology because I have been working on my dad’s trucks with him since I was 5 or so. I probably won’t end up going to school for it, but it is a potential option. Some other interesting thing about myself is that I have a love and passion for cars. Specifically antique and muscle cars. My dad owns quite a few antique cars and I love working on them. 

Anthony Andriolo

My name is Anthony Andriolo, I am a senior here at Burlington High School. Some technology I am interested in would be video games. I like to play MLB the Show and Madden NFL a lot. Other interests include hanging out with my friends. I love to do anything with them. I also love playing sports whether it is for fun or competition. I joined the help desk this year to get more familiar with technology before I go to college. I am interested in working with my dad at his tile company when I get older. Other interesting facts about me include that I like to watch TV shows more than movies. 

Sameeha Baig

Hi! My name is Sameeha Baig and I am a senior at Burlington High School. My hobbies include reading & listening to music. I joined Help Desk my sophomore year of high school because I’ve always been interested in technology, and it would be cool to use a drone again and hopefully make one of my own. I also think the skills I learn in Help Desk will be beneficial when I graduate high school next year (2022). The first week of Help Desk was good. I enjoyed testing out the Pepper robot. It was weird and cool at the same time. I loved how it could communicate to me when I spoke to her. I also enjoyed testing out the Spheros. It’s a tiny robot but moves fast! When I’m older I want to be a teacher for young preschool kids after I graduate high school. Currently I work at PrimRose, it is a private school with kids aged from infants to kindergarten. I’ve been working there during the summer and continue working after school.

Shefali Bakre

Hello everyone, my name is Shefali Bakre and I’m a current sophomore. One of the reasons I joined Help Desk is because of my passion for STEM. I’ve had more experience in science and engineering than software. I joined Help Desk to increase my knowledge in software and to broaden it. In this age, technological advancements are happening all around us. Learning more about software and computer science personally helps me navigate today’s world. Computer science hasn’t been my favorite subject but I’ve grown more interested in it during my time at Help Desk. I hope in the future to become a doctor because I love learning about biology. But as well as that I also have a passion for engineering. I’m a part of the Devibots team here at Burlington high school. Having a passion for science and engineering helps me see two different perspectives. Being at the help desk brings a new perspective on software engineering. In the future, I hope to be part of STEM in some way whether it be a doctor, electrical engineer, or software engineer. I am glad I am a part of the help desk because I get to learn more about technological advances in the world and join an amazing community with peers with the same interest as me.

Julia Campos

My name is Julia Campos and I am a freshman at Burlington High School. I was born and grew up in Brazil, so my first language is Portuguese. I really like learning languages, so I ended up learning English before I moved here to the United States. I have always had some interest in computers, so I thought that this year might be my chance to start. During the last year I got some experience with python coding in the classes I took in Marshall Simonds Middle School, but I know I have a lot more to learn, which makes me excited. I look forward to being an owner of a big company, and I think knowing about computers might help me a lot throughout the journey, so that’s the main reason I joined Help Desk. Other interests of mine are literature and music. I have been playing the piano since I was 7, and I recently started learning the guitar. I love reading fiction books about anything, from romance to Greek mythology to solving crimes. I think this hobby of appreciating literature is really beneficial to me because it makes books that the school requires us to read less boring and trains my mind constantly, so it can always be active.

Charlize Collins

My name is Charlize Collins. I am a sophomore here at Burlington High School. My main interests include sports. I have grown up playing soccer, lacrosse, and I recently started indoor track. My other interests include things related to the medical field. My sister is getting her doctorate to become a physical therapist and I hope to follow in her footsteps in the future. I joined the help desk here at BHS because technology has been an interest of mine but I have never explored it because I struggle to understand some of the concepts. Help desk will help me learn more about my iPad and phone and will help me understand concepts of how to fix it in certain situations. My career interests include physical therapy, and training athletes so something closer to a strength and conditioning coach and possibly an orthopedic doctor. My oldest sister is at graduate school studying physical therapy and I hope to follow within her footsteps in the medical field. Some other interesting facts about me include that I am one of 6 children. I am the second youngest. 4 of my older siblings are in college, and my younger sister is in 5th grade. 

Sebastian D’Amico

My name is Sebastian. I’ve taken computer science and am very interested in technology. I’ve done a tiny bit of robotics in the past and I’m excited to try more. I’m 16 years old. I play hockey and I used to play lacrosse. I like to play video games in my free time. Currently my favorite games are Madden and CS:Go. I also like watching football and playing fantasy football with my friends.

Orion Golden

Hi. I’m Orion. I’m a senior, and I think Help Desk is interesting. I personally thought it would be good to be able to help others with their problems, possibly learn a lot more about technology, and so far it seems to be just what I was looking for. Some of the things they go over or help kids in the class are personally quite interesting. Stuff like the Unity engine, or some of the more minute details when it comes to stuff like fixing computers. These skills in particular could even possibly help me work with technology better in the future to an extent that I wouldn’t really understand otherwise. Tech integration has been a helpful class for learning technology in the past. 

Nigel Karunaratne

Hello, my name is Nigel Karunaratne. I am a senior at BHS. My main interests reside in software development and video games. I thoroughly enjoy both playing and making video games, which I do in my spare time. I joined the Help Desk to further my knowledge of technology and how it is applied in the real world. I believe I can put my prior knowledge of technology to use by assisting others. I also hope to learn more about tech support and how troubleshooting and managing issues are done. Another hope I have is to learn more about game design and use more tools that can assist me in the process of designing and creating games. My main career interest would be in software engineering, as I enjoy programming the most. However, besides programming, I also enjoy learning how to create 2D and 3D art as well as music. Recently I’ve even started experimenting with VR technology, and I might start work on some sort of VR experience soon.

Talhah Khalifa

Hi, my name is Talhah Khalifa. I am a junior at Burlington High School. My interests are mostly sports-related things but also have an interest in modern technology. I joined Help Desk because I want to learn new things about technology and to be able to help people with their technology issues. In the future, I am thinking about studying Computer Science in college but have not made my mind up yet. 

Gunnar Larson

My name is Gunnar Larson and I am a sophomore here at Burlington High School. Outside of school some interests I have are gaming computers, hockey and golf. I have a computer of my own at home and that is how I got into gaming and the process of building computers. I play hockey for the school and my club team for the fall. My club team plays out of Everett. I play golf with friends for fun often as well. I decided to join the help desk because a friend I game with every once in a while recommended this class for me to take. I also took this class because I enjoy fixing technology, more specifically computers, but iPads are good too. As a career I hope to go into the computer science field or become a coder for a bigger corporation. I am in the early stages of learning how to code simple actions right now and want to learn more. An interesting fact about me is that I enjoy fishing. I enjoy going on the deep sea charters and I always have a bit of luck. I always tend to get lucky, especially with my cousins.

Lucas Magliozzi

My name is Lucas Magliozzi and I am a junior. My interests include sports and video games. The sports are golf, and hockey. I joined this class because I like this better than any other elective that this school had to offer me. My career interests would be playing in the NHL, but the more realistic career path for me is real estate and being a contractor. One interesting fact about myself is that I like to lift weights and I work out 6 times a week. I do it for sports because you need the strength for hockey and golf. Another interesting thing is that I play F1 2021 for at least 2 hours every single day. I play my career and online races. It’s very fun and fuels my craving for Lewis Hamilton’s 8th world title 

Windsor Muzoora

My name is Windsor Muzoora. I am currently a freshman at Burlington High School. I was born in Massachusetts at St Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton and have lived in Burlington my entire life. I have an older brother named Malachi. My interests are playing basketball as well as playing video games. I decided to join Help Desk for my first year and first semester in high school so I could obtain vital and necessary knowledge to help me better understand technology. I want to be an aid when others are having technical difficulties. I want to learn more about how to code so I can create games of my very own. My future career is undecided but I am interested in becoming a professional basketball player in the NBA or possibly a job as a brain surgeon. I don’t want to have to struggle with technology later in life. My experience in Help Desk will open up more opportunities for me. I know technology is going to advance and I want to be ready. High school is one of the most defining times in our lives and one of the most important. Our choices that we make now will help us in the long run.

Vin Patel

My name is Vin Patel and I’m a senior at Burlington High School. I grew up in India and traveled to the USA with my family in 2018 and this changed my life completely. I started my studies in the third quarter of 8th grade. For me here in America it was different, which took some time to get used to a different lifestyle. Since I was middle school my love for computers and music has taken the boost to the next level after coming to America. I am mostly interested in listening to music, playing video games with my friends and also like to build and explore technology which helps me to build my knowledge about computers. I joined Help Desk because I am passionate about building and designing computers, robots, and codes which will increase my knowledge on technical problems and to help people with them. This will help me to incorporate my career in computer science and computer development. Traveling to different countries and living the different cultures and lifestyles was a tough situation for me and my family but we kept our will strong and got to live our new life experiment. I am eagerly waiting for my goals of success to live the life which I want to make for me and my family. 

Matthew Smith

Hi  my name is Matthew Smith and I’m a sophomore at BHS. My interest in technology is to learn how to help other kids at BHS with the iPads.I joined the  help desk to learn how to use drones and Pepper the robot. What I would like to do for my future career is exploring computer science. 


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