Meet the 2020-21 Second Semester Staff!

We are three weeks into the second semester and I’d like to welcome the new and returning Help Desk and Game Design students. Lately we have been doing some work with robotics, and have also been reviewing some topics in cyber security. We’re looking forward to warmer weather so we can start doing some work with drones outdoors. I hope you enjoy reading their bios.

Help Desk Bios

Arielle Botelho

My name is Arielle Botelho and I’m a junior at Burlington high. This is my first semester in help desk and I’m eager to learn about coding. I enjoy playing video games and helping people so the title of the class itself was enough to interest me. I want to be a therapist which isn’t mainly about technology, however; technology is being used more and more and it’s a good skill to have regardless. I started the school year at Shawsheen but I transferred to bhs and had a good feeling about this class and the group of students in it.

Aiden Cain

I am Aiden Cain and I am a senior at BHS. My biggest hobbies are cooking, baking and playing video games. I mostly play first person shooters but I also like to play story driven single player games. I wanted to join the helpdesk to get some more knowledge about computers in general. I’ve always been very fascinated by computers. I’ve always liked picking things apart and knowing how they work. I learned a little bit about putting together computers on my own which is very interesting to me but I know nothing about software. In the future I want to either own my own restaurant and be the head chef or be a streamer on twitch because that has always been a big passion of mine as well. I also play guitar and write my own music. I’ve always wanted to be a musician as well but it’s not my main focus right now. Overall I’m just excited to join helpdesk and learn more about computers.

Tyler Defreitas

I’m Tyler DeFreitas. I am in my senior year of high school. My interest would be heavy equipment construction. I decided to join Help Desk us so I can learn more about how to use technology because of the career I want to follow. Technology is growing more and more to help, so the more I can learn and figure out technology, the easier my job will be. For my career interests, I want to start my own excavation site work company. I would pretty much build going demo houses all the way,  do foundation work,  build parking lots and roads, and plow in the winter and haul material from job sites. Another interesting thing about me is I’ve been working construction since I was probably 10. I have no plans on going to college; pursuing school the only type of schooling I will do is to get different licenses to operate heavy equipment into install water and septic systems.

Max Fahey 

Hello my name is Max Fahey and I am a junior at Burlington High School. I joined Help Desk because I’ve always been interested in technology, and it would be cool to use a drone and hopefully make one of my own. When I’m older I want to be a teacher for either middle or high school. Right now I work at Dunkin Donuts and I have been since September. I like working there with people I know.

Ray Magliozzi

My name is Ray Magliozzi, I am a senior here at Burlington High School. My main interests are playing sports. I play football, hockey, and baseball. I have been playing sports ever since I was a little kid. My main sport is football, I am the captain and I will be continuing my football career at Southern Connecticut next fall. I decided to join the Help Desk because I was interested in the computers, robots, and other things like that. I am excited to be able to pursue some of those interests in the help desk this year. I think the robots and drones at the help desk are very cool and they are very fun to play with. A career that I want to pursue when I’m older is to become a sStrength and cConditioning coach that trains athletes. I am fascinated by athletics and the training of athletes. I will be studying Exercise and Sports Science at Southern Connecticut, which is a degree that will help me pursue this career. I will also be looking to do a lot of internships and things of that nature in order to gain experience in the field.

Efthymi Papachristos

Hello, I am Efthymios Papachristos but people call me Efthymi. I was born at Lowell General Hospital. I grew up in Billerica for 3 years until moving to Burlington. I grew up learning to speak Greek only, I eventually had to learn how to speak English when I moved here to Burlington for school. I have two younger brothers named George and Yianni. My entire family is Greek, we have barbecues every Greek Independence Day in which I enjoy a lot. I also enjoy listening to music and playing video games. I have fun when I’m going skating and playing hockey with friends and cousins in the winter. I also enjoy going biking and just being outdoors. I am currently a junior here at Burlington High School. I enjoy learning about technology and all the different kinds of things you can do or create. I chose Help Desk because I wanted to learn more about it and how it works. I’ve always enjoyed working with technology and learning about computer code, I also enjoy learning new ways to solve computer based problems, which could help me if I run into technical difficulties.

Nick Pellegrino

My name is Nick Pellegrino and I am a senior at Burlington High School. I have decided to join Help Desk so I can learn more about advanced technology. I also would like to learn about drones and how they work. I play baseball and golf at Burlington and used to play hockey as well. Baseball is easily my number one sport because I started playing it at a young age. Nothing has changed and I still love the game just like I did from my first practice as a kid. In the future I would like to get a job in law enforcement. Itś something that has always interested me growing up. My uncle is the captain of Arlington police and I learned a lot from him as well. An interesting fact about me is I catch pitchers up in Lowell and get paid. I catch pitchers anywhere from high school to the big leagues.

Jayson Poland

My name is Jayson Poland. My interests in technology are using different types of digital content such as incorporating videos and multimedia into lessons and presentations. I also enjoy handling various types of VR Headsets and testing to see which one is the most suitable. My interests that don’t involve technology are weightlifting/endurance training, football, basketball, and etc. I decided to join the Help Desk again because I’m very interested in technology and I want to further my knowledge so that I feel more comfortable with not only just schoolwork, but also further down the line. I feel that in doing this, it makes it easier for people to do certain things in their daily life. My career interest is to pursue a career in football. I’ve always loved the sport because of the authenticity it brings everyone watching it. As of right now, I still don’t have a definitive answer to what I want to do when I’m older, however, football is certainly at the top of that list. Other interesting things about myself are that I like to draw. In my free time, or whenever I get the chance, I’ll look up random pictures on the internet and draw them. I feel like my artistic skills have really developed over the years so I’m proud of that. But, there is definitely room for improvement.

Thomas Quinn

My name is Thomas Quinn. I am a sophomore. My interests are mostly all things that are sports related but I also like to play video games in my free time. I decided to join the Help Desk because I wanted to learn more about technology and help others. I have always wanted to do something with business because my dad is a businessman at Putnam investments. Some other interesting things about me are that I like to interact with other people and I always try to find new friends. 

Aymaan Shaikh

Hi, my name is Aymaan Shaikh, and I am a senior at BHS. I am currently the Co-President of the BHS Programming Club and Co-Founder/Co-President of the Hack Club. I joined HelpDesk because I am passionate about creating meaningful change through computer science. I also wish to help other students learn about new technology and inspiring people to get involved in STEM. In the future, I would like to study Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Software development while creating programs that can make the world a better place. Additionally, I have been to various Hackathons and Robotics competitions (FRC), and I enjoy making platformer games and 3D modeling. Furthermore, I have taught myself Python and C++,  taken AP CSA and AP CSP. I’m also a member of the Students for Environmental Action and Peer Tutoring club. My other interests include Badminton, Tennis, Soccer, and Track. In this class, I plan to develop a price-tracking application that will monitor live price-data for a product and compare it across retailers to identify when and where best to acquire the product.

Cristian Vargas

Hey! My name is Cristian Vargas. I’m currently a high-school junior in the years 2020-2021, and will be graduating in the year 2022. I have a keen interest in the field of computer science and general programming, and wish to pursue a career in this field when I’m old enough. It’s always piqued my interest ever since I learned that I could change the world with something as simple as telling a computer what to do. I decided to join Help Desk/Technology Integration to learn more about the niches of the field and how it can apply to everyday life. This learning opportunity will allow me to grow my portfolio and understand more about my love of technology. Along with my love of video games, I am very willing to learn as much as I can to assist my goals!

Gavin Wong

Hello! My name is Gavin Wong, I’m currently a senior in high school and going to college for Graphic Design. I am mostly interested in things such as music, and design, but more specifically I am mainly a drummer and guitarist as I’ve been playing drums for near a decade and guitar is much more of a small hobby. I also do graphic design and is my future career choice as its been around 5 years since I’ve been doing it. I decided to join Help Desk because I just wanted to do something different than what we do in normal school, whether its more interaction with technology or with other people, I think it brings a unique perspective of a class to BHS. My career interests are like stated, graphic design. It’s something I’ve been doing and working for awhile, working with small companies and small individuals to help create their brand. Something close to that also would be music but I’d say that is much more of a hobby that I would make a career if an opportunity arises. One last thing I also like  alot is audio engineering, but that’s about it. 

(We will also publish bios for the following students soon):

Colin Browne

Patrick Casey 

Carlos Deleon Coche

Derrick Nguyen

Manuel Supic

Fidel Dionisio Vasquez

Game Design Class Bios

Tyler deLellis

My name is Tyler deLellis. I am a sophomore at  Burlington High School. My interests are playing video games and using technology. I play Xbox with my friends almost everyday. We also talk with each other via Instagram or texting. Playing video games and talking to each other has helped us stay in touch during the pandemic. The reason why I wanted to join Intro to Game Design is because I wanted to see and learn more about how games are built and designed. As I play many games, I thought it would be cool if I had the ability to create my own game. I have always thought it would be cool if I was able to make my own game. With this class, I’m considering taking this knowledge and applying into a career later on. I don’t know what I would be growing up, but I’m hoping this class and college will help me find a job that I will enjoy. 

Dee-Andre Joacine

I’m Dee-Andre Joacine. I am a junior at Burlington High School and this is my first semester doing intro to game design. I was interested in this class because I play a lot of video games during my free time and I know some of the things you have to do to make a game because I have made a game before for fun . I joined this class because I thought it would be fun to make your own games and also to learn more of what it takes to make your own game. I’m also a basketball player trying to play at BHS.

Aryan Amarnani (coming soon)


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