Importance of Passwords

Everyone in the world has a password whether it is to log in to facebook or to unlock your Iphone. The only thing that is stopping you from identity thieves and hackers is a word or a sequence of numbers.

There are 72 options for a one character password, the equation for finding the possibilities of you password is 72 ^ x   and x being the amount of characters in you password. Most of the time the minimum of characters that are required for the password is 6 characters. That means that there are 139,314,069,504 combinations, that sounds like a lot but hackers use multiple computers  and that amount of combinations would not take a very long time. This link explains passwords very well

If you don’t want to watch the video, basically it explains that passwords keep people out that you want out. Your password should not be something close to you like you dogs name or a significant date. Your password should be something like a phrase that is had to figure out. Then you can put  numbers and characters in it to make it harder. An example is “In God We Trust” take the first letters in each word to get IGWT,then make it 1GWT. Then take that and modify it to something like 1GWTfb for facebook and and 1GWTtw for twitter. Passwords are important make sure yours are safe.

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