MASSCue Reflection: Yash Kamani

BHS Help Desk Students at MASS Cue 2012

A few weeks ago, we, as members of the BHS student help desk, were presented the opportunity to visit and present at Masscue 2012. This conference was held in the club suites inside Gillette Stadium. The help desk crew got to go down on the 24th to give an hour long presentation on our help desk course and how it works within our school.

Our presentation lasted about an hour in one of the suites on top of Gillette Stadium. We made our presentation a panel discussion type event. At the beginning, our instructors, Mr. Andy Marcinek and Mr. Tim Calvin presented a small keynote to the audience describing the course. The keynote lasted about fifteen minutes and we then made our way into the panel discussion with questions from our audience and answers from us, the students.

The whole event was well organized and the Mass Cue team was very helpful. There were a variety of cool and helpful tools available from different vendors. The event was mainly vendor based with different vendors attempting to sell their ideas, tools or technologies. There were quite a few interesting ideas that I thought would actually be very useful. At the same time there were ideas and tools that seemed unnecessary and costly in any learning environment.

This was my first experience at any education conference of any sort. Overall I really enjoyed it. There was a formal atmosphere at the conference, but the events and people really made it seem casual and comfortable. A Patriots Practice sighting made the day all the more better. I would strongly recommend students attending a Mass Cue Conference sometime in the future for anyone interested in new ideas or technology in the education field.

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