Explain Everything

Harsh Dedhiya

In this post, Help Desk senior blogger Harsh Dedhiya, provides a sneak peek to Explain Everything. To learn more about this versatile iPad app and to receive 1:1 assistance, join the BPS Ed Tech team on Tuesday, September 24th for the  “How do I do that?” technology session at Marshall Simonds Middle School from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m.


Although there are a plethora of presentation apps on the App Store, Explain Everything stands out as an elite amongst the elite. The app value of the app far exceeds the price (a measly $2.99) because it is streamlined and includes every function imaginable. These two features save headaches to those that are technologically challenged, and this ease of use makes this app worth buying.

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It includes basically all of the functions that are offered by other apps, all in one package. Using Explain Everything will allow for creative presentations with multiple options, without any limitations from the app itself, such as size. The app can present visual information very well and often can be used to help guide the self learning process by forcing the student to digest the information so that they can present it visually, including their voice recordings, pictures, and videos, inside of the app.


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Students can use the app as a creative and tech-savvy option to the standard poster or standard oral presentation.  Teachers can use the app to record the notes that they give in the day (all the things that they write on the board) and upload it so that everyone can see it, including others that missed the class. The main benefit is the inclusion of every function one could desire, as this opens up more possibilities without any hassle. The app can directly import from several different spaces, including Photos, Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox, something that is very useful for people looking to streamline this process. The export capabilities are also fantastic, giving options to save as a PDF, or to export directly to Youtube, allowing for a smooth, interruption-free flow. The app was so good at visually presenting information that I even made the tutorial part of this post about Explain Everything using Explain Everything!

In the video, we will go over some of the basic functions of Explain Everything, including:

  • starting a project
  • adding slides
  • switching slides
  • deleting things
  • recordings
  • adding text
  • importing items
  • saving the project
  • drawing

On the Explain Everything website, there are several examples of tutorials and videos demonstrating the capability that the app has.

This trailer that they made also gives a give representation of real world uses for the app in school, not only for teachers, but for students as well.

Finally, this page is a review made by a Technology Facilitator for a school district in Chicago, in which he details why the app is a must have for educational use.

What possibilities and classroom scenarios can you imagine with this app that has everything in one toolbox?

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