Trouble Remembering Passwords?

If you are like most BHS students, you are using many different apps and digital tools and have a lot of different passwords to remember. Since school started, one issue we have encountered quite often in the Help Desk is students forgetting their passwords. As a result of this I decided to research 3 different password apps. Why download one of the three apps I’m suggesting?

1. They will keep you organized
2. They are simple to use
3. You’ll become a more responsible student
4. They are free
5. You’ll never forget a password again

These apps are ways to stay organized with your accounts for all different purposes, they are good for students, teachers, and others in the business world. These apps are available for iPads, iPhones, and iPods.


The first app I found was Password Keeper.
With Password Keeper you need to set one keeper-osx-100044569-large
master password to protect all your other passwords. Then, you create an account with your email, and you can chose to create a security question. You can tap the right corner of the screen to add your password and what account that password belongs to, and you can also add a description. The password and account are put into alphabetical order depending on the name of which the password belongs to. This app is good for keeping multiple passwords and combinations to different places, such as a gym locker, all in one place. Important tip: You must remember the master password.


The second app is called IPassword and it is very similar to the app Password Keeper. mzl.scdlsnox.175x175-75You have one master password on this one as well and you can back it up to your email so if you forget the master password it is still sent to your email. This app has multiple tabs with places where you may save your passwords. The first tab is logins, then wallets, accounts, and other. Logins are for social networking sites, wallets are for accounts you might have at a bank, memberships or identification numbers and etc., accounts are for things like iTunes or database accounts. The last tab is for “other accounts” not provided in the other tabs. On any of the tabs you click the right hand corner which is a “+” and add your password and it gets set up in a list in one of those tabs. This is very helpful if you don’t remember your passwords. This keeps your accounts extremely organized.


The last app I found was Password Manager. This app is very similar to the other two apps  but this one is extremely simple. You still have a master password and there are 5 sections to chose from to classify where your passwords belong. You can also back up your passwords so they are remembered on your computer as well from this app. This app is very helpful for those looking for a simple way to store passwords.


These are all helpful apps to the everyday life of a digital citizen. As a digital citizen it is important not to share your passwords with anyone or anything (Spam) that you can’t trust, especially if that password is protecting something important. Make sure you have multiple passwords that are creative don’t use the same password to often.

Keeper pic

-By, Jason

One thought on “Trouble Remembering Passwords?

  1. Jason, this is a good idea. I need help remembering all of my passwords. But are these sites encrypted so that hackers can’t get in and steal your passwords?

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