“Oh I forgot!” Use Remind101 & Never Hear That Again!

Senior Help Desk Blogger Nick Merlino makes his debut post by providing an excellent overview of how teachers can use the tool Remind101 to improve student and parent communication. With parent-teacher conferences right around the corner, now is the perfect time to integrate this meaningful technology. Please remember the Help Desk is open all periods (except 5) if you would like personal assistance in setting up your Remind101 account. Help Desk students are also available to visit your classroom and work with you individually. 

Nick Merlino
Class of 2014

Are you tired of your students forgetting to do their homework or study for that important test? Well, with Remind101, you can not only remind your students about anything and everything about your class, you can notify their parents as well. This is basically a teacher’s dream come true!

Remind101 is available for free on the web and as an iPhone or Android app. This simple to use tool features the ability to send one-way text messages (without disclosing personal phone numbers) to subscribed members of your groups. Educators, advisors, or coaches have the ability to create up to 10 groups. Below is a screen shot from Mrs. Scheffer’s Remind101 account.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.02.30 AM

Students can subscribe to the group by sending a message, for example @ExClass, to the given number and once the text is sent, the sender is subscribed to the feed and communication can begin. This literally takes no more than two minutes, but will become a tremendously powerful tool, which will allow you to connect more effectively with your students and parents. The message is sent from the auto-created Remind101 number to the students so the teachers and students do not have to exchange phone numbers, as previously mentioned. Teachers can schedule the message to be sent at a certain date and time if desired. Also, since it is one way communication, the receiver is not allowed to respond to the messages. This tool is a great supplement to something such as Edmodo or other educational communication platforms.

Some of the many uses of this application in the world of education are:

  1. Reminders for upcoming assignments, tests, field trips, or special occasions.

  2. Notifying parents on important dates and schedule changes.

  3. Informing subscribers on new information or blog posts.

Here are some great tips on effectively introducing and integrating Remind101 into your classroom:

  1. Put the instructions up in the front of the class. Have your students take out their phones and all sign up at once
  2. Think about presenting your Remind101 class information during parent-teacher conferences or back-to-school nights.
  3. Be mindful about how many messages you send. The average teacher sends about 5 per week.

Click here for a complete list of Remind101 best practices.

Give Remind101 a try, I doubt you’ll regret it! Watch the video below to see how quick and easy it is to use Remind101.

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