The Benefits of Blogging

Click on the image of Nick to visit his personal blog.

Click on the image of Nick to visit his personal blog.

The BHS administration fully supports the integration of social media tools in education. Nick is a perfect example of how powerful social media tools can be in helping a school as well as students develop a positive online presence.  Senior Help Desk Blogger Nick Merlino provides an overview of the purpose of the new BHS Student Council blog. Since it’s introduction this September, the blog has received 2,026 views. Building, maintaining, and promoting the Student Council blog is Nick’s Individual Learning Endeavor, or his 20% project for Help Desk, which he will be formally presenting at mid-terms.

How to spread the word: 

Many students, every day, simply show up to school, go through their classes, then go home, to their part-time job, or to a sport. Even though there are many clubs and activities that are available, most don’t know about them because word of mouth can only go so far! In this modern world of technology, there are many ways to publicize your club, group, events, etc. Here at BHS, the student council is doing exceptionally well. Of course my opinion is biased, as I am the president of the student council, but we are using social media to become a very known club.

Not only do we maintain a blog, we also have a Twitter account where we spread announcements and information to our followers.

Many of the tweets consist of information on upcoming events such as school spirit week or the dodgeball tournament.

Many of these tweets include links to our blog where further information can be found. For example, for a general tweet about the dodgeball tournament, our followers can click of the given link and be brought to the following page

The student council blog contains much more than event information, but the main purpose is to promote what we are doing and to bridge the gap between the student council and the student body. In the past, not many people knew about student council events, opportunities, or what their class’s student council members were working on. Now, thanks to tools like Twitter and the blog itself, all information that would interest the student body can be found easily and it is very clear to navigate through the certain tabs. For example, if you want to see the attendance of each meeting, click on the “Attendance” tab. Another feature that is useful, is the information on each class’s student board such as who is on the board for each class and what they work to accomplish.

Along with general information, the blog contains 4 very useful calendars that serve to benefit the student body.

They include:

1. The schedule for sporting events
2. The schedule for school events
3. The bell schedule
4. The lunch menu schedule

After copying and pasting those links into the search bar, the user will be subscribed to the calendar they choose. Being able to choose which calendar you want to see, it is very simple to determine what’s going on. All schedules combined, the calendar looks like thisHere at BHS we’re lucky that everyone has an iPad and access to wifi at all times of the school day, which is why this method of spreading information is very successful. Most schools don’t even allow access to Twitter or even supply wifi. The BHS student council is an example of how to use technology to spread information that helps everyone and promotes your group. Check out the blog today

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