Welcome to Burlington High School

The Burlington High School Help Desk is very excited to have educators from all across the country visit our school as a part of this year’s New England 1:1 Summit. Guests will have the opportunity to observe our 1:1 teaching and learning environment while school is in session. There will be approximately 100 visitors joining us tomorrow to learn about our 1:1 program. Visitors will have the chance to see the unique and innovative ways our teachers are integrating the iPad into their curriculum and learn about the structure of the BHS Help Desk program. We look forward to meeting educators from across the country and sharing our experiences with them.

Tomorrow’s visitors will see that at BHS, a major reason why our 1:1 program has been so successful is because of our teachers and their commitment to providing students with relevant learning experiences. Members of the Help Desk staff recently authored posts on their personal blogs which offer a glimpse of what it’s like to be a student learning in a 1:1 classroom. Find out from Junior Danny Piotti how Mr. Todd Whitten uses technology in AP World History, discover how senior Amit Patel was enlightened during his junior year when he took Mr. Chuck Wood’s AP Biology class and learn how Mrs. Joyce Carey engages her students through the effective use of technology. Tomorrow’s guests will see many more inspiring examples of what teaching with technology looks like and the impact it can have on students.

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