Help Desk Team Member Spotlight: Hammad Sadiq

PHO0000009Lvn8-11100000001000This year’s Help Desk staff is, in a word, amazing. I have sixteen students who are already exceeding my expectations. I am confident we will have a very successful first semester in terms of assisting students and teachers with integrating technology in the classroom. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be featuring Help Desk students in a “spotlight series” so our readers can learn more about these talented individuals.

Today’s Help Desk Team member spotlight is on senior Hammad Sadiq.

Hammad works in Help Desk period 1. He is eager to assist students and teachers with troubleshooting technology problems as well as providing guidance on how to integrate technology into the classroom in innovative ways. Since the start of school last week, I have seen Hammad interact with his peers and assist them with digital storytelling apps, iBooks, and Google Classroom. I hope that teachers will take advantage of working with Hammad, as he brings tremendous creativity to the program. Watch the video below to learn more about Hammad and why he is a valuable member of the Student Technology and Innovation course (aka Help Desk). You can follow Hammad’s Help Desk journey throughout this semester by subscribing to his blog.

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