Gaining More Storage & Customizing Settings in Dropbox

The following Dropbox tutorials originally appeared on Dipen Patel’s blog

Gaining More Cloud Storage for Dropbox

My fifth video in my Introduction to Dropbox series covers how to earn extra storage for your account. Currently, I have 3.25 gigabytes, because I have successfully completed many of the methods of provided my Dropbox to receive more memory. Here is the link to the web page that I will be using in this tutorial. If you follow this guide, you can at the very least earn a gigabyte of data by complete the easier methods of gaining more memory. Enjoy!

Customizing the Settings Available on the Online Version of Dropbox

My fourth video in my Introduction to Dropbox series will explore the different settings available on the Dropbox web application. This video marks my first set of videos covering the online version of Dropbox, an essential feature of the software that you should at least be familiar with in order to efficiently use Dropbox. The settings that I cover in the video are different than those available on the desktop Dropbox software. These settings on the web application allow Dropbox users to further customize their accounts rather than the performance of the software. Enjoy!


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