Google is Coming to Burlington!

The BHS Help Desk, in partnership with the BHS Guidance Department, is excited to announce that on Tuesday, November 18th Googler Michael Westervelt will be spending the day in Burlington. Michael works as an Account Manager at the Google office in Cambridge and is the Founder and Executive Director of Next Step Boston. Michael’s nonprofit, Next Step, offers career planning, advice, and strategies for students and local community members.

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Michael will begin his day in Burlington Tuesday morning. He will be a featured speaker at the BHS Parent Breakfast, sponsored by the BHS Guidance Department. Michael’s presentation, “Monitoring the Megaphone: Why It’s Important to Know What Your Child is Doing Online” will offer parents tips and strategies to help their children develop a positive digital footprint. Parents can RSVP for the Parent Breakfast by calling 781-270-1780. Michael’s presentation is appropriate for parents of students in all grades, but is particularly suitable for parents of juniors and seniors who are interested in learning more about how their children can leverage digital tools to impress college admission representatives and future employers. The flyer embedded below provides more information about Tuesday’s parent breakfast.

Following his presentation to parents, Michael will be speaking with Burlington students and will provide them with his perspective on “Life as a Googler.” He will also speak about the importance of digital citizenship and how students can leverage digital tools to positively impact their future academic and career goals.

Monitoring the Megaphone

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