Help Desk Team Member Spotlight: Nick and Josh

I’m pleased to introduce senior Josh Cyr and sophomore Nick Whitney, two new members of the Help Desk program. Below you will find their bios and introduction videos. Please stop by the Help Desk period 6 to meet Josh and Nick in person. They are eager to provide their assistance to any teacher or student in need.

Josh Cyr

Senior Josh Cyr

Senior Josh Cyr

Hello, my name is Josh Cyr. I am a senior at Burlington High School and I am excited to join Help Desk.  I am very tech savvy, and know my way around computers. Next year I am going to Middlesex Community College. I am taking CAD Engineering. CAD is Computer Aided Design, it is 3D design on the computer. It uses systems like solidworks, AutoCAD, and Inventor. Solidworks is used by real CAD company’s, which is what I will be using next year. Going into my freshmen year here at BHS was the first year they handed out iPad’s to each individual student. The tech aspect here at school has changed a lot in the four years I’ve been here. It is a lot better now, and things run much smoother.



Nick Whitney

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.51.22 PM

Sophomore Nick Whitney

Hi my name is Nick Whitney and I am a sophomore at Burlington High School. This is my first year in Help Desk and I am looking forward to helping other people with their technology issues.  I am interested in technology and business. Some of the business classes I have taken throughout high school are Introduction to Business, and Accounting and Personal Finance. Last year I took Digital Literacy with Mrs. Scheffer and I learned a lot about how to use technology in a appropriate manner and help improve my digital footprint.  As a young student I have seen what a great impact technology has had both in our personal and educational lives. I look forward as a member of Help Desk to help both teachers and students learn how to use technology in the most efficient way. In addition, I also hope to learn how to better integrate technology in my daily life. I also look forward to advancing my problem solving skills as well as being able to help fellow students and teachers. Some of my interest outside of the classroom are sports  and music and I am currently playing both junior varsity soccer and basketball.


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