Create a Digital Gallery of Student Work with Padlet for iOS

BHS students scanning the Padlet QR code in US History

BHS students scanning the Padlet QR code in US History

Last year we brought you the post, Paperless Presentations with Padlet. At the time, Padlet was only available via the web however this past August Padlet launched its free iOS application. It’s now even easier for students to post their creations from other apps onto a teacher created Padlet wall. Several Burlington High School teachers have been experimenting with Padlet including Social Studies Department Chair Todd Whitten. In his U.S. History 1 class Mr. Whitten wanted a way for his students to access each others’ Haiku Deck presentations, so I suggested Padlet. In just a few minutes, Todd created the custom “Battles of the American Revolution” Padlet wall. Today, I had the opportunity to assist Todd’s students with posting to the wall. After installing the Padlet app, students used the “Scan QR Code” feature to access the wall and were able to simply copy and paste the links of their Haiku Deck’s. The result is a digital gallery which Todd and all his students can view. Padlet also works well with Google Slide presentations (or anything with a link!) and completely eliminates the need to print and distribute copies of presentations for peer to peer or teacher feedback and commenting.

For teachers who wish to provide students with feedback on their slides, incorporating a Google Form is a logical choice. Not only will it keep feedback organized, it provides teachers with analytics. Data gathered from a form can help gage student growth and performance and can also help teachers more effectively differentiate their instruction. So, the next time you want your students to access, view, and comment on their presentations, create a Padlet wall and consider using a Google Form.

The video tutorial below shows you how easy it is to create a Padlet wall.

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