Restore Your iPad in 4 Easy Steps

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of Kevin Lynch

For all students and teachers who forgot their passcode to their Apple device, there is a quick, and easy way to save it! If you backed up your iPad either through iTunes on a computer or through iCloud, you can salvage your last synced data to the computer or cloud, when it is being restored.
Restoring your device through iTunes
​When restoring your device through iTunes you will want to follow these easy steps.
1) You will want to connect your device to the computer you have synced your device with prior to, and open iTunes.
2) Since iTunes recognizes your already connected device it will not require a passcode, but if it does then you will have to use the Recovery mode
3) After the sync is complete, you will want to restore your device, which is under the summary of your device.

4) Once in the summary of your device, simply click Restore device.

Restoring your device through Recovery Mode
If you have never synced your device with a computer or cloud then this is your last option, Recovery Mode. This mode is reached through 4 simple steps also…
1) First off, connect your device to any computer and open iTunes.
2) While waiting for your device to connect, you have to force restart it, or hold the power and home button for 15 seconds until the apple symbol comes on, but you will not want to stop when you see the apple button. Keep holding onto the force restart until you reach a page that looks like this.


3) In  iTunes, on the computer, you will be given a window that gives you the option to restore or update your device. At this window you will want to hit restore.
4) Wait for this restoration to be done and then you will be ready to use your device again!

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