Free App Friday: TouchCast

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of BHS Help Desk student Kevin Lynch.

Free App Friday!


Our Free App of the week is TouchCast. Last year we wrote a post on TouchCast, but we wanted to remind people of this awesome creation app and the new features it has. Touch casts is a great app to do screencasts, and green screen projects. TouchCast is a free alternative to iMovie, and I personally think it’s better. In TouchCast you can create videos, edit videos, upload videos to YouTube, and add little extras which they call “vapps” to your video

Here is a quick tutorial to get you started in TouchCast.


Once TouchCast is open it will present itself as shown. This side of TouchCast is called the TouchSide. On this side you can view TouchCast videos that people have made and shared. To get out of this view, you simply click the CastSide tab on the left side on your screen.


Once the CastSide tab is hit, it will open up in a view which is depicted above. In this tab you can choose which theme you would like for your video. After choosing a theme it will bring you into the recording view.


 Once in the recording view, you can choose many options for your video. There are many tabs for you to edit your video with. The first tab you will be brought to will be the camera tab. This tab allows you to change the way the camera is facing, gives you a teleprompter, and allows you to control how fast the teleprompter goes.

The next tab is the effects tab. In this tab you can set up a green screen picture and set an effect for your video.
Filters in TouchCast


After the effects tab is the whiteboard tab. This tab allows you to use your iPad screen as a whiteboard. It allows you to draw, write, and erase things on your video screen.


The next tab after the whiteboard tab, is the title tab. Here you can choose a title for you video. Adding a title can make your video look more professional or look like a real television broadcast. In the picture are the titles available and ready for use.


The final tab, is the “vapps” tab. This tab is definitely the best tab in TouchCast. This is due to the tab allowing you to add video apps, or “vamps” to your video creation. The “vapps” available are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps, Amazon, and etc.

If you need any more help operating TouchCast, the app gives you a tutorial option and also a help center option.
OR…you can set up an appointment to work with Ms. Scheffer or any Help Desk student!

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