Chrome Extensions of the Week-Thanksgiving Edition

Since we have taken several weeks off from posting Extensions of the Week, this post is our “Chrome Extension Thanksgiving Mega Edition” and features 20 extensions for students and teachers to try. Enjoy!

  1. Chrome Tips BetaBeginner to advanced tips to help you get the most out of Chrome
  2. Explain and Send Screenshots- Capture a webpage, write text, arrows and circles and share it with a direct link to the screenshot without a frame!
  3. Incredible Start Page customized start page for Chrome. Easily find your favorite bookmarks and closed tabs. Take notes as you browse.
  4. OpenDyslexic-  an open sourced font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia
  5. WOT– website reputation and review service that helps you make informed decisions about whether to trust a website or not when you are searching, shopping or surfing online
  6. Smart Pause for YouTube– pauses a YouTube video when you leave the page and automatically continues playing when you return.
  7. Text Only Mode– open web pages with text only, no images or other multimedia to distract a reader.
  8. Click to Speech– click on text and Click to Speech will read it out loud to you.
  9. MagicScroll Web Reader– Transform any web page into an easily readable ebook. No more scrolling through long articles.
  10. SEE– Helps you understanding what it is like to be visually impaired.
  11. Knotes– take notes super fast from your New Tab window
  12. After the Deadline– check for spelling, grammar, and style errors in your browser, great for checking email messages, Tweets, and more.
  13. Talk and Comment-Voice Notes Anywhere– easily record and share voice notes from any site.
  14. TextMode– Browse the web without distractions. View pages with simple text only.
  15. Spell Checker for Chrome– fast and easy to use spell checker for Chrome. Available in 12 languages.
  16. Block Site – Stay focused and let Block Site automatically blocks websites of your choice. Best for procrastination problem
  17. Oweb Voice Input-Input texts to website’s text boxes by speaking.
  18. Font Changer– Change the font on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube or any other site. Over 500 fonts to choose from!
  19. Keeper Password Manager -Store, create and auto-fill your login credentials instantly.
  20. i-Speechwriter- A speech recognizer and translation for websites. Simply place the cursor into any editable field of website, right click and select i-Speechwriter extension to activate.

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