Making Homework Meaningful…

Burlington High School World Language Department Chair Renee Dacey has taken her homework assignments to the next level! Rather than assign a standard worksheet, which few if any students find engaging or motivating, Mrs. Dacey recently assigned her students a homework assignment which allowed them to create their own original, digital content. The iOS application her students used was Telestory.

Telestory, developed by Launchpad Toys, is 100% free and allows students to write, direct, and star in their own TV show, news broadcast, or music video. Students use their creativity with this application not only in the writing of the script, but also by selecting their own costumes and props for the production of their show. At first glance, the app may seem better suited for elementary or middle school, but as Mrs. Dacey and her student, junior Fernando Lamin, show us in the example embedded below, Telestory has a place in the high school curriculum. Many other disciplines could easily integrate an application such as Telestory into the curriculum and give their students the opportunity to complete a meaningful and fun homework assignment versus the traditional worksheet.

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