Changing Default Font Style, Size, and Line Spacing in Google Docs

Heavy users of Google docs know that the default font style is Arial, the size is 11, and the spacing is 1.15. When creating a new doc, most users will manually change the default format to Times New Roman, 12, double space. This is the standard requirement of most teachers at the secondary and postsecondary level as well as many industries. Making these manual changes to every Google doc can be tedious but there is a way to change the default and apply these changes to your Google account. The tutorial below walks you through the steps in less than three minutes. This is a must watch/share with students who are required to do a heavy amount of writing. We’ve also included written instructions as a means of additional support.

How to change your default settings in Google docs:

1. Highlight your text
2. Select the font style drop down menu
3. Select your desired default font (Times New Roman or a font of your choice)
4. Select the font size drop down menu
5. Select your desired default font size
6. Select the line spacing drop down menu
7. Select your desired line spacing
8. Select the Normal Text drop down menu
9. Select the arrow next to Normal Text and select “update Normal Text to match”
10. Select the Normal Text drop down menu
11. Select the very bottom “options” menu
12. Select “Save as my default styles.”

Test your changes by opening a new Google doc. The font style, size, and line spacing you changed should be reflected in your new Google Doc.

See any member of the Help Desk staff for additional help with this or any other technology issue!

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