WBZ News Visits The Help Desk!

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of BHS Help Desk senior Josh Boulos.


The Help Desk was buzzing last week as every member prepared for the arrival of the news station WBZ who was coming to get a better look at what the Burlington High School Help Desk really is. The report on the Help Desk will be broadcasting on Monday February 29th, at 5 pm on WBZ Channel 4. WBZ brought an interviewer and a camera man who captured every single aspect of the Help Desk. From interviewing Ms. Scheffer to recording students talk about the Help Desk it was really amazing to see just how the process worked.

The arrival of the news station was being talked about around the school and really created some positive conversation on just how big the Help Desk is getting. First, all Help Desk students met at the Help Desk and we met the reporter and the cameraman. The camera was ginormous and it really was cool to see how everything was set up. They interviewed Ms. Scheffer first who described just how much the Help Desk contributes to the high school learning environment. She also described what we do as members of the Help Desk and how it is a student run Genius Bar. I thought it was so interesting how the reporter constantly could come up with follow up questions with Ms. Scheffer so fast. The conversation was definitely interesting and I’m happy I got the chance to be apart of something so cool.

Next the reporter started to interview us members of the Help Desk. Timmy, Chandler, and I were the lucky ones who got the opportunity to be in front of the spotlight and experience getting interviewed. It was awesome. I thought it was cool how it’s like having a normal conversation and even if you mess up they’ll take the time later to edit everything out. We got to show off all the spectacular things we do at Help Desk including our blogs. The reporter thought that we were super advanced in our learning with technology and that the future for schools is definitely heading in our path. Overall, the experience was so cool and I think that it was amazing that the Burlington High School Help Desk is getting this much attention. Again proving why I’m extremely happy I joined Help Desk because I get to be apart of a nationwide known genius bar.




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