Pic Play Post

Today’s free app Friday features Pic Play Post. This app allows you to easily combine, edit and share collages that contain both photos, gifs, videos, and music. It can be used on both the iPad and iPhone. Pic Play Post could be used across disciplines and grade levels. For example, in a science class, a student could have a photo of a chemical bond in one of the frames and in another frame could insert a video explaining the reactions taking place. In social studies, a student could have pictures from various Civil War battles and a video explain the historical significance of each battle. Beyond using Pic Play Post for academic purposes, it’s also a great app for capturing and sharing special occasions; birthdays, prom, graduation, and more. In the video below, Help Desk senior Josh Boulos gives you his review and a quick tutorial of Pic Play Post. Watch how simple it is to create your own Pic Play Post collage! Enjoy and happy Friday!


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