Help Desk Live-Episode 32: Storyboard That

Help Desk Live-Episode 32 featured Aaron Sherman, founder of the fantastic, device agnostic digital storytelling tool StoryBoard That. BHS Help Desk students senior Shiv Shukla and sophomore Quentin Inglis had the opportunity to host their first episode of Help Desk Live and learn about entrepreneurship directly from Aaron.

Check out the episode, which is embedded below, to learn more about the story behind the creation of StoryBoard That and listen to the tips and advice Aaron gives to aspiring coders and entrepreneurs. This is an excellent episode of Help Desk Live for business, marketing, entrepreneurship and computer programming teachers to share with their students. We suggest having your students use StoryBoard That after they watch the broadcast and create a digital story to showcase what they learned. This is exactly what Shiv and Quentin will be doing and we look forward to sharing their story boards once they are completed. Stay tuned for the next episode of Help Desk Live featuring Buncee coming soon!


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