Teacher Profile – Ms. Danielle Trouve

Help Desk student Ben Fauller recently interviewed BHS business teacher Danielle Trouve

Trouve pic for profile

When did you start teaching?

I started teaching business at the high school in September of 2013, I taught preschool for 6 years prior to that.

Is it challenging changing school districts?
Not in this case; the choice was easy. I heard about the position through the DECA advisors Facebook page, and after meeting Mrs. Anderson, I knew I needed to work with her. I also have worked for years part-time in the Burlington community and loved it, so it made sense for me to come to BHS.
Why do you like teaching business?
I think it is a subject that all students can use and relate to. We are all consumers and have all been to a business. To know how to make informed decisions about purchases is something we can use every day. N matter what career path a student may take, they will need to have some basic business and finance knowledge.
Do you have any other jobs?
Yes. I have been a youth fitness instructor for about 3 years teaching cardio, dance, sports conditioning, parkour, and yoga. I am also an adult fitness instructor at two gyms for weightlifting and yoga. I teach anywhere from 2-12 classes a week. Part-time I also organize a small gym, which gives great examples for class!
Do you like Burlington?
I love it here so far! I started teaching fitness classes in Burlington 2 years ago and I like the community and diversity here. I think the town and school support each other greatly and have a strong positive impact on the students.
Do you like the business program?
Yes, I do. I was surprised to see such a wide variety of courses offered here. I will say it is challenging teaching multiple subjects (business law, financial planning and accounting,  entrepreneurship, and intro to business and marketing) but I think I have finally found a good groove. One of my favorite parts about teaching business is seeing students apply classroom taught knowledge to real-life situations.
What is the most important thing, in your opinion, that students learn in your class?
How to think critically and reason: Does this make sense? Can this work? How can we get from point A to B?
What is your main goal for your class?
For students to hopefully find some guidance for their future, to find out what they really like to do or what interests them and to give them the confidence to pursue it. 

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