Computer Science Education Week/Hour of Code 2020

This year’s CS Ed Week/Hour of Code will be virtual, but we still have a great lineup of activities and speakers. Burlington folks can register here:

If you have any questions about it, please contact me at

(cover image from


  1. Game Development with Ready Maker

How to make Pong in Ready Maker: 

Variations of Pong:

  1. Vidcode Creative Coding

Specific Hour of Code activities:

  1. Earsketch Coding with Music

Earsketch Hour of Code activity:

EarSketch High School Workshop

  1. Demonstration and hands-on of

Hour of Code Processing website:

  1. Online drone activity

Tello EDU

Skyviper Flight Simulator

Special Speakers/Events

Playlist of speakers:

Monday, Dec. 7

8:45 (Period 1) 

Yanti Arifin

Desktop Metal:

A recent article for background

Tuesday, Dec. 8

10:05 (Period 6)

BHS Help Desk Alumni Panel

Gati Aher BHS ‘19 – Olin College

Dan Castellarin BHS ‘19 – Rochester Institute of Technology

Emerson Perez, BHS ‘20 – Middlesex Community College, Burlington Public Schools IT

Friday, Dec. 11th 

8:45-9:45 (Period 5)

Jade Brewer, Drone Pilot


Friday, Dec. 11th

10:05-11:05 (Period 6)

Adam Lyon, Physicist, Quantum Computing Scientist


Background article


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