BHS Help Desk at Burlington Drone Conference

The BHS Help Desk is honored to be exhibiting at the New England UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) and AAM (Advance Air Mobility) Summit 2022 in Burlington, MA. Mr. Wong will be taking two groups of students on October 26 and 27th to the Northeastern Innovation Campus at Burlington, MA. Below are the presentations we have prepared for the conference and other information about our drone program. We are excited to be a part of this special event!

Summit Information

Drone Presentation by Windsor Muzoora and Stephen Papagno

Drone Safety by Tisa Patel, Ragad Al Sarabi, and Simran Singh

Coding Drones by Dakota Ellis and Joe Machado

Drone Operation by Daniel Chaves, Rithikh Prakash, and Sebastian D’Amico

Drone Usage by First Responders by Stephen Papagno

DJI Drones at BHS by Anthony Matos

Ukraine and Drones by Altamas Khalifa

BHS Drone Videos Playlist

BCAT Story: Avnish Rembhotkar (Class of 2021) Receives Part 107 License

Here’s a followup story from BCAT on the drone conference:


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