Google Glass Makes its Debut at BHS!

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.45.39 AMBurlington is excited to have the opportunity to experiment with Google Glass. The first teacher at Burlington High School to use Glass is Chemistry teacher Holly Potters. Using Glass, Mrs. Potters recorded a double replacement lab for her students to observe. The advantage of using Glass for this experiment, as opposed to an iPad, is that Mrs. Potters was able to record the lab hands-free and her students will be able to view the recording through the perspective of their teacher. Glass captured high-quality video and audio and overall, Mrs. Potters was pleased with the end result. She did note however that Glass would not be the best tool to use when safety glasses are required.

After recording the video using Glass, I was able to import it into iMovie and then uploaded it to YouTube. Mrs. Potters plans to share the link to the video with her students so that they can record their observations of the types (if any) of chemical reactions which occurred during the lab when two chemicals were combined. In the coming weeks, Anatomy teacher Julie McKinney will be using Glass to record dissection labs and AP Biology teacher Chuck Wood will be using Glass to record DNA fingerprinting labs. I am excited to assist teachers with incorporating Glass into their lessons and will continue to share the results of their work through the Help Desk blog.

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