Introduction to Dropbox: A Video Tutorial Series

The following Dropbox video tutorials originally appeared on the blog of Dipen Patel. Dipen is a senior and first-year member of the BHS Help Desk. If you are new to Dropbox, check out this great list of features!

Installing Dropbox on Mac OS X

To begin my Dropbox tutorial series, I walk through the process of installing Dropbox on Mac OS X. I recommend my tutorial for anyone, who is a complete beginner to the Dropbox software, or  for Mac users, who are not sure if they have successfully installed Dropbox.

Uploading, Snycing, and Deleting Files  on Dropbox

The second video in my Introduction to Dropbox series will provide all the information you need to become a intermediate Dropbox user. I dive right into the the core principles of the software. These aspects of Dropbox include uploading, syncing, and deleting files. Since Dropbox is mostly used to host files, I concisely and briefly provide uploading files first. Then I provide some common mistakes that new Dropbox users tend to encounter. Lastly I conclude with demonstration how to delete files from your desktop Dropbox software.

Exploring the Preferences Option on Dropbox

The third video in my Introduction to Dropbox series will explore the different settings available in the preferences menu of Dropbox. This weeks tutorial, will bring turn you from a beginner Dropbox user to an intermediate user. I cover all the options available in the preferences menu, in order to ensure that Dropbox is setup the way that suits you best. As you will learn in my video, there are four main options that we, Dropbox users, can tweak: general, account, import, and network. Each of these categories of settings will be explained thoroughly, in order for you to decide how to tweak these settings. Enjoy!


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