Editor’s Note:
This post originally appeared on boulostech.weebly.com, the blog of BHS Help Desk senior Josh Boulos.

Book Creator Tutorial Steps

Book Creator is a foundational app for Burlington High School students that allows users to easily make fun books fast and efficiently. It is a versatile app that can be extremely helpful for students in their educational experience. The app is $4.99 on the App Store but if Burlington High School teachers would like to integrate it into their curriculum it is possible they can get it through our Volume Purchase Program. They can then have their class stop by the Help Desk so that we can download it for them. Book Creator is for all students, no matter if the user is five years old or eighteen years old, the app is great for learners of all ages!
For example, kids in elementary school could use the app when describing the chapters they read and for each chapter have a different page in their book on Book Creator. An example for high school students would be Mrs. Mckinney’s science class. Her anatomy students are dissecting cats this semester and for each time they make a dissection, the class takes a picture and adds it to a new page in their cat dissection book. They will also incorporate video of their dissections and this will allow Mrs. McKinney to provide her students with meaningful feedback since she will get to see the dissections up close. The possibilities for Book Creator are limitless!
In the video tutorial below, I show you step by step the process on how to use Book Creator and all the cool features that it has. I also show you how to submit a completed Book into Google Classroom. I’ve also included screenshots and written instructions below the video.
I hope you find it helpful!


Book Creator will take you to this home screen when you open the app. To create a new book you hit “New Book” at the top left.


Now you must pick which shape book you would like. SIDE NOTE- Teachers, if you would like students to combine their books later down the road, they all must use the same shaped book.


This is the cover of the book. You can add things to your pages by hitting the plus sign in the top right of the screen. It will then give the options to add a photo, take a picture, draw, add text, and add sound.


Shapes are also a cool feature that you may add to your pages.


To add a background to a page you click the “i” in the top right. You then can either pick a standard color or customize your own.


When done with the book you can turn it into many applications including Google Classroom.


You can delete books from the home page by hitting the ‘i”. It will then give you the option to delete the book.


To add text you hit the plus sign in the top right of the page. Once you hit that it will take you to this screen.


To export books into Google Classroom you hit the “Export Video” button.

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